Quality cannabis induces exceptional experiences

At Halcyon Farms, each step of our process is dedicated to producing top shelf cannabis that is enjoyable to smoke. We are constantly hunting rare and exclusive genetics to maintain a diverse and flavorful menu that is always changing. Our quest is to deliver an exceptional cannabis experience with every Halcyon Farms strain. Our cannabis burns as clean as air,  with flavor that stains your palate.

 Our team is made up of “cannaseurs” that take pride in how clean and smooth our cannabis burns, as well as the flavor profile and effect of each strain. We have no doubt that flushed, cured, and  hand-trimmed cannabis flower is far superior to cheaper alternatives. We do everything we can to ensure that every puff is pure bliss.


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Ancient medicinals on a modern mission

For thousands of years, cannabis has been recognized for its unique ability to deliver relief, encourage relaxation, and inspire renewal without ill side effects. As legalization continues to move forward, the demand for cannabis is ever increasing. 

We know that consumers will eventually recognize the importance in the quality of the cannabis they are smoking and strive to produce a variety of top shelf strains for everyone to enjoy. 

Our Approach to Growing Craft Cannabis

Our cannabis is cultivated in state of the art facilities that allow us to give the plants exactly what they want through every stage of their lifecycle. Our grow controllers give us the ability to monitor and tweak our environment, co2, and irrigation 24/7 (even remotely if necessary.) 

This tailored approach allows our plants to thrive every day, and express their full potential. We have put together a team of only passionate enthusiasts that take pride in smoking the best cannabis.

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Single Source

All of our hash strains are selected based on their medicinal effect, as well as their unique flavor and terpene profiles. Most of our rosin is made with whole plant fresh frozen material, and we harvest these plants at the perfect ripeness to maximize rosin quality.

Hand Washed

Every wash is hand-stirred in-house, and never outsourced. After washing, the hash is dried and pressed to further refine the rosin quality and texture.  

Cold Cured and Whipped

After the rosin is pressed, it goes through a special curing process. As soon as the rosin has cured, each batch is hand whipped to the perfect creamy consistency. We take pride in our process, and are excited to share this premium product with our patients.

Banana Ringz Hash Rosin Dab

We are a Family Farm

The owners of Halcyon Farms moved from Charleston, South Carolina to Hampden, Maine in 2016 to live out their dream of providing consumers with the finest craft cannabis and craft cannabis products on the market. Their first cultivation space was a renovated airplane hangar located on the property, with a second larger production facility opening later in Portland. 

Matthew and Laura are firm believers in self-sustaining, and use the family farm to teach their 3 (and soon to be 4) daughters valuable life lessons and skills. Aside from cannabis cultivation, the farm also has pigs, a vegetable garden, bees (for locally sourced infused honey,) and plans to add much more in the future. 

Creamz - Runtz x Cookies and Cream

Where to Find our Products

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